Kitty Boot Camp

Cat Behavior Specialist

Is your cat causing you to panic, scaring away your family, or making your home life unlivable? 

Kitty Boot Camp is here to help you calm your fractious feline and to get you an answer to “WHY?!” 

A lot of cat owners are left scratching their heads at their cat’s strange and worrying behavior.  It is my goal to act as a kitty translator and help you see the world through your cat’s eyes and get some answers.  As a cat behavior consultant, I work with cats and their guardians to rebuild relationships.  I will assess your kitty’s behavior and environment and create a detailed plan for you and your feline to help deal with some of the following distressing behaviors:

Litterbox Issues and Marking Behaviors

Introducing new cats, animals, or people to the household

Fearful or Under socialized Behavior

Over-stimulation and Play Aggression

Excessive Meowing and Nocturnal Behaviors

Scratching and other Destructive Behaviors

Aggression with people or animals

Clicker training

Creating a more Enriching Environment

Until recent years, cat behavior has not been a widely studied topic.  Today we are learning new things all the time about our cats and why they do the things they do.  Previously mysterious and “unexplainable” behaviors are being explained and we are realizing that cats are far more complex than we have ever noticed.  I am here to help you unravel the mystery that is your cat and to help both of you to have the best life possible with each other.

Litter Box Issues


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aggression and reactivity 

Introducing new family members