Cat Behavior Specialist

Additional Services Offered:

Canine Behavior Modification --  I will work with dogs who need select behavior modifications such as Food or Resource Guarding, People Guarding, Over-Arousal, Touch Sensitivity, Confidence Building, and Under Socialization on a case by case basis. If you are interested in me working with your dog, please contact me to discuss details.

In-Home Visit
This is the optimal method.  Coming to your home allows me to watch and interact with the cat in the environment they live in everyday.  It helps to limit stress and allows me to find things in your home that may be triggering behavior issues without you knowing. A visit includes a complete environmental analysis, behavior evaluation, a customized treatment plan, three additional home visits (as needed), and additional follow-ups by phone, text, or email.

Phone/Video Consultation
Video is preferable to a phone conversation because video allows to me see the cat and the environment it lives in, which helps me to determine possible trigger for the negative behavior.  Each Consultation includes a behavior evaluation, customized treatment plan, and two months of unlimited follow-ups by phone, text, or email.  Must be paid in advance.

Additional In-Home Follow-up Visits
If additional in-home follow-up visits are necessary or requested, a reduced fee will apply.


Kitty Boot Camp