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Some of the most common issues I deal with include:

Litterbox Issues and Marking Behaviors
Introducing new cats, animals, or people to the household
Fearful or Under socialized Behavior
Over-stimulation and Play Aggression
Excessive Meowing and Nocturnal Behaviors
Scratching and other Destructive Behaviors
Aggression with people or animals
Creating a more Enriching Environment

Many times several of these issues appear together so it is important for me to get as many details about your cat's history and the history of their behavior issues as I can.  After receiving your message, I will get back to you within 24-48 hours, usually through email.  I will go over the basics of how the process will work and send you a list of questions that is designed to help me gather as much broad information as I can about your cat and the situation going on at home.

Kitty Boot Camp is currently

in the process of moving to

Chicago, Illinois

When contacting me to set up a consultation please include: 

Your name
Your cat's name(s)
Brief History of your cat

Behavior Issue(s)
Phone Number